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About Us

About Us

commitment to quality and professionalism

Riteway Machining Inc. became incorporated in the spring of 1996. Joe M Blanford Sr. cashed in his retirement and all of his life savings to pursue the American dream. He had castings poured and built his 1st two portable milling machines piece by piece. From there, it was off to the races. In June 2002 Joe Sr's oldest son, Joe M Blanford II began full time employment, starting the morning after graduating high school.

On January 1st, 2007 Joe II officially became the new owner and Joe Sr. retired to enjoy hunting, fishing, woodworking and too many hobbies to list. Today we have over a dozen portable mills, multiple boring bars, hydraulic drills and just about everything we need to service our customers. Nothing makes us happier then fixing our customers problems and leaving on a great note. We have great work ethic, we're easy to get along with and offer reasonable rates (at least we think so). We know how important your break down is and we'll get you up and running as quickly as we can.

Anywhere in North America, we will come to you. Our versatility and experience make Riteway the right choice to service, repair, or modify your machinery.  We will service any piece of equipment in need of on-site machining services but we focus on 4 industries which include the Die Casting, Plastics, Forging and Stamping industries.  We would love an opportunity to offer you a free quote, or answer questions you may have. Riteway has always believed in long lasting business relationships. Because of this philosophy, Riteway can provide references that date back to the beginning of Riteway's existence.   Give us a call if there's any way we could help.

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